An Excellent Vacation in Greece, with MY PARENTS?!

Spring Break rolled around and I was looking forward to spending it on a beach somewhere, anywhere, with my friends. Unfortunately, my parents had other ideas. Instead of going with my friends, like a normal teenager, they took me along on their vacation in Greece. At first I was totally bummed, I mean who wants to spend Spring Break with their parents, even if it’s a Greek vacation?

Thank my lucky stars for the Greek travel guys. My folks use them all the time when they have to go overseas on business or whatever. Anyway, they turned what I thought was going to be an embarrassing bummer-vacation in Greece, to utter amazeballs! They actually took time to seek out activities and sights that I would be interested in. Plus, the hotels we stayed at were wicked-nice; with arcades and awesome swimming pools and best of all, there was normal food that I would eat–meaning, non-gourmet junk. It seemed like the travel agent went out of his way to make sure I enjoyed our Greek vacation.

We started out in Athens, which surprised me because I thought it would be all museums and ancient ruins. While there were plenty of those, there was also horseback riding, an ice-skating rink, and even paintball! My vacation in Greece was turning out okay, after all!

Then we went to Crete, where there were the coolest beaches in the world–and a really cute guy my age!  In fact, he only lives two states away from me back home, and we still keep in touch. The other awesome thing about Crete is the shopping. OMG! I had a blast shopping! I have to admit it, my Greek vacation was the best ever. I am so glad my parents made me go.

A Dionysian Vacation in Greece

Some people call me a wino, but I prefer to think of myself as an oenophile.

That being said, no one was surprised when I decided that my next trip would be a wine-tasting vacation in Greece. While visions of France or Italy might be more commonplace among when the topic of fine, vintage grape comes up, Greek wine is in a league of its own. The Agiorgitiko variety–named after St George, is one of my favorites; and some of the Retsinas are beyond compare with their unique pine bouquet. I’ll be sampling them all on my upcoming Greek vacation!

Of course, I logged-on to my long-time and trustworthy travel agent’s website, eager to get the ball rolling. I wouldn’t think of booking my vacation in Greece with anyone else. If you want expertise, superior customer service, reliability and affordability, you’ll find it in this remarkable travel agency.  They’ve forgotten more about Greek vacations than others will ever know. As usual, it was a pleasant and professional experience, and before I knew it all the arrangements were made: hotel reservations, tickets, tours, and transportation. Then, I was off to the historic Peloponnese region of southern Greece.

Homer aptly named this region Ampeloessa, which translates as “full of vines.” He was so right! The hotel was situated in a picturesque mountain village like you’d see in a storybook. It couldn’t have been more perfect setting. The vineyards in Nemea–the first wine tour of my vacation in Greece–were simply stunning. The next stop were the wineries of Argolida; nestled amid hillsides and lush forests, —and in proximity to Ancient Epidavros. Argolis has it all, archaeological sites, dazzling beaches, and glorious mountain peaks. Mantinia too, was lovely and rounded out my fabulous wine-tasting vacation in Greece.

Oenophile or not, I highly recommend the Peloponnese region, and Antelope Travel.

I’ll be back!

Luxury Vacations to the Greek Islands

Everyone has a dream destination that he or she would like to visit someday. Mine has always been a luxury vacation to the Greek Islands—my way. How would it be possible to see and do the things I want, when I want to see and do them? This conundrum  turned out to be easier to manage than I thought! Professional online travel agents customized my Greece luxury vacation with remarkably little effort on my part. I simply provided them with my interests, timeframe, and budget; and they did the rest. Airline reservations, hotels, limousine service from airports, tickets for cruises and ferries—it was all taken care of by the agents.So! The first stop on my luxury vacation was the Greek Island of Crete, which was even more extraordinary in real life than in pictures!  Being an archaeology geek, I headed straight for the Archaeological Museum in Agios Nikolaos. It was certainly worth the hike. Displayed was a startling Minoan collection of ceramic instruments, gold, and clay coffins from the island of Mohlos.

What would a luxury vacation to the Greek Islands be without visiting the beach? Off I went to Heraklion, the capital of Crete, where the ultra-dazzling beaches of Lygaria and Agia Pelagia are located. The calm, clear aquamarine waters were against the pastel blue sky… unforgettable. If you never go to a beach again, make sure you visit one of these.

Next on my Greek Island Luxury Vacation’s itinerary was a ferry ride from Heraklion to Santorini. Just like I’d always heard, the Oia, Santorini sunset is mesmerizing and surreal. The art galleries in Oia are breathtaking. Shopping on this gorgeous island was great fun, as well: tiny shops lining the cobblestone streets—a scene from a faerie tale!

In essence, I was able to make my dream of a Luxury Vacation to the Greek Islands come true, and so can you. All it takes is a little help from the luxury travel experts!

Vacation in Greece

A vacation in Greece is an intriguing prospect during the spring and summer months, but what about winter? The only time I am able to take time off work is in December. I’ve always wanted to vacation in Greece, although I’ve not heard of anyone going there during the winter months. So, I went online to see what I could learn about the Greek climate, as well as what the travel options are for a vacation in Greece during the winter time. After much pointing and clicking, I found an agency that seemed professional and trustworthy, andthey specialize in Greek travel. These extraordinary travel experts actually offer a Christmas vacation package in Greece! Imagine all the wondrous festivals and events that will be going on!My all-inclusive eight-day vacation in Greece includes the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki and the island of Crete. My air travel, transfers, hotels, tickets to museums and sites, and even an English-speaking drivers and guides are all included. I’ll get to have all the fun, and none of the hassle!

I am especially excited about getting to wander around Athens, and then exploring the Temple of Poseidon. In Thessaloniki, there is a Herculean annual Christmas festival in Aristotelous Square (named after Aristotle). Every year they erect a gigantic, illuminated   metal structure shaped like a ship, right next to a Christmas tree. I’m sure it must be lovely!

The last leg of my vacation in Greece will be spent on the island of Crete. There is so much to see in Heraklion, and I will be there for two whole days.

There is no doubt in my mind that this vacation in Greece will be the best trip ever—thanks to the experts of online Greek travel!

Luxury Vacation in Greece

Having vacationed in Greece a few times, somehow I’d never explored the northern portion of the country. Hence, I contacted my trusted travel pro, who promptly designed a Greek vacation beyond compare. As usual, he’d made all the necessary travel arrangements including airline tickets, limousine service, luxury hotel reservations, and vehicle rental. It was all set! Then, I decided to splurge and spend a couple of days in Samos. Adding this extra stop was no problem at all for my travel agent. He made the necessary arrangements and off I went on my Luxury Vacation to Greece!I’d heard a lot about Thessaloniki but still expected it to be similar to Athens. Boy was I wrong! This exquisite, laid back city had none of the traffic and smog, but every bit and more of Athens’ culture and vivaciousness. The White Tower on the waterfront and the   ancient, Byzantine walls provide a delightful dichotomy to the city’s chic boutiques, bistros and sizzling nightlife. These aspects serve to set the city of Thessaloniki— and my luxury Greek vacation—apart.The first destination on my luxury Greek vacation was the enormous 5thcentury Church of Agios Dimitrios. I’ll not forget the spine-chilling subterranean crypt, or the most striking mosaics on either side of the altar. Next, the imposing and magnificent Palace of Galerius is a must-see. I found the Museum of Byzantine Culture to be quite intriguing, as was the (sadly, rarely visited) Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki and its vast cemetery.

Now, it’s off to the island of Samos; the second leg of my luxury vacation to Greece! Only an hour by air to my two favorite beaches: Lemonakia and Tsamadou, as well as the picturesque villages of Pythagorio and Heraion, The latter is the place where the Greek gods, Zeus and Hera, were allegedly married and spent their honeymoon. The ruins of Hera’s temple remain to this day.

Thus, my fabulous luxury vacation in Greece had come to an end. In my opinion, Thessaloniki should be on every traveler’s itinerary. There’s nothing else like it, nor is there anything like a travel expert to ensure the perfect arrangements!

Luxury Greece Vacation Packages

Rhodes and Dodecanese Islands—a luxury Greece vacation package of a lifetime. My friend and I had been talking about visiting those islands for years, and suddenly it became a reality! Thanks to the friendly online travel professionals who arranged our trip and handled all the particulars. Our all-inclusive luxury Greek Vacation Package included our airline tickets, transfers, luxury limousine service, lavish hotel accommodations, tour guides, and vehicle rental. The only requirements on our part were to inform the agent as to where and when we wanted to go, what we wanted to see, the length of our stay and  our budget. Who knew  an exotic vacation like this could be so easily orchestrated?Our adventure began in Rhodes, aka “the sun island.” This explained the massive statue of Helios, the sun god –The Colossus of Rhodes –that welcomed us at the harbor entrance. My friend and I spent the first extraordinary day of our luxury Greek vacation discovering the breathtaking beaches. Kalithea, which is celebrated largely for its hot curative springs, is a must-see. The exotic flora and palm trees against the dramatic backdrop of the craggy, rocky coastline conspire to create a dreamlike seascape, as well as some beautiful memories.Next, our luxury Greek vacation package whisked us away to the island of Symi on a hydrofoil.  What a beautiful harbor:  tier upon tier of dwellings, some oyster white, some a muted yellow, but all with Neo-Classical gables. Stunning!

The island of Tilos is ideal for walking.  We explored deserted villages, viewed intense and vivid scenery, a magnificent monastery, a Gothic-like castle and pristine, and secluded beaches.

If I had to choose which part of this incredible luxury Greek vacation was my favorite, I simply could not. Each island we visited and every sight, sound, activity and tour we experienced is etched in my memory as I plan the next luxury Greek vacation package.

All Inclusive Greece Vacation Packages

Wedding Bells in Zakynthos

My brother is in the Navy and stationed in Greece. Predictably, he met a delightful Greek girl and they decided to marry on the Ionian island of Zakynthos. Of course, the family was invited. To this day, we thank Zeus for all inclusive Greece vacation packages! Since we were not world-travelers at the time, my family and I needed professional assistance in getting to the wedding on time–and all together. The online travel agent arranged our all-inclusive Greece vacation packages, requiring minimal effort on the part of my family. The package included airline tickets, transfers, hotel accommodations, ferry tickets; everything necessary to ensure we would have a wonderful, worry-free Greek vacation. Zakynthos has got to be the closest thing to heaven on earth. No wonder my brother wanted to get married here! The island simply radiates romance. I had never seen such clear azure water as the Porto Limnionas Beach. The sunsets we saw were absolutely heart-stopping.  Snorkeling at The Blue Caves was another one of my favorite activities on our all-inclusive vacation package to Greece. The water is so clear inside the caves that I could  easily see the rocks, which were veiled in a  strange lavender seaweed.

Another must-see on any all-inclusive Greece vacation package is The Dancing Rocks of Keri. They get their name from when Ulysses returned from the Trojan War and tried to pass between them, thus; crashed his boat. Experts conclude that an earthquake had occurred at that precise moment, or the sailors were drunk. In any case, the Keri Lighthouse provides spectacular vistas of Zakynthos’ entire western shore.

And to think we almost left out the magnificent Church Panagia Skopiòtissa of our Greece vacation package! It’s a worthwhile 2-hour hike to reach the pinnacle because, from there, you will take in an incredible view of the entire island.

To say that our all-inclusive vacation package to Greece was an unforgettable experience would be an understatement. Enlisting the aid of an expert in the travel industry is the only way to vacation overseas, in my opinion.